Frequently Asked Questions


General Facility Questions

Q: Do you have any discounts available anywhere?
A:  Keep an eye out for special offers on deal-sites, such as Wagjag or Groupon for more great money saving deals!

Q: Is there an hourly rate for public “day play”?
A: Our public “day play” admission rates are valid for one full day of play at Lil’ Monkeys. You can stay and play as long as your lil’ monkey(s) will last, or keep your wristbands on to return later in the day for more fun!

Q: Can we bring in outside food if we are not with a party?
A: We do our best to keep our guests who have food allergies in a safe and clean environment. For this reason, we do not allow our guests to bring in outside food if they are not with a birthday party. Some exceptions do apply ie: baby food, single coffee, single bottled water. Feel free to leave the facility for snacks / meals and return later in the day for more fun at Lil’ Monkeys!

Q: Why is there no parking (during the week and on weekends)?
A: Lil’ Monkeys is one of six businesses located in our building. During the work week (Monday – Friday), employees and customers of these other businesses take up the majority of the parking spaces in the parking lot. Feel free to park along the grassy area at the back of the building at any time, if there are no free spaces in the front parking lot!

Q: Why can’t we wear our indoor shoes, bare feet or slippers?
A: For health and safety reasons, we require all of our guests to wear socks on their feet at all times. Please notify us upon entry if you require special orthotics for medical reasons.

Q: Why can’t a youth count as an adult for a party/day play?
A: Youth are considered ages 13-17. Adults are 18+.

Q: Do I have to pay for a child that “won’t be playing”?
A:  There is a fee for all children (up to age 18) who enter the facility, regardless of whether they will be using the equipment or not. We are unable to monitor which children are / are not playing at any given time.

Q: Can I drop off my children to play? Or leave them with a babysitter (under 18)?
A: We require all children to be accompanied and supervised by an adult (18yr+) at all times. Parents / caregivers are responsible for their child’s safe use of the equipment.

Q: Why are strollers not allowed inside the facility (beyond the shoe/coat room)?
A: We do our best to ensure that our facility is kept at the highest level of cleanliness. Further, strollers congest the play area and pose a safety risk for children who are playing. For these reasons, we do not allow strollers inside the play area. For your convenience, we have allocated space for strollers to be parked just beyond the shoe room.

Q: Why do I have to wear socks when I’m not using the equipment?
A: For health and safety reasons, we require all of our guests to wear socks on their feet at all times. Please notify us upon entry if you require special orthotics for medical reasons.

Q: Why do I have to wait to be signed out?
A:  When you leave Lil’ Monkeys, we match your child’s numbered or colour-coded wristband with yours to ensure that all children are leaving with the same parent or guardian that signed them in. We do this for your child’s safety and your peace of mind.

Q: My child costs more than they did last time, did you raise your prices recently?
A: Our admission rates vary depending on the age of your child. Your child may now fall into a different age group than your last visit to Lil’ Monkeys.

Q: My half price pass or other coupon expired, will you honour it past the expiration date?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept coupons or passes that have expired.

Q: Can a different adult bring my children back to play later in the day? What if they don’t have a matching wristband?
A: Yes! Notify us when you are leaving that you may be interested in returning later in the day. Please ensure that you and your child have your wristbands on. If a different parent / guardian is bringing the child back to play, we can give them a new wristband to match the child.

Q: What is your maximum capacity?
A: We have a maximum capacity of 300 adults and children combined.

Q: Why is there another door at the rear of the facility? Is it locked?
A: The door at the rear of the facility is an emergency exit that is prohibited by law from being locked. We have a security camera directed at the door, which is viewed by our staff at all times. Please supervise your children at all times to ensure that they avoid this emergency exit.

Q: Can we use the party rooms to eat the food we purchased at your concession stand if there are no parties?
A: Yes! As long as there are no parties / room rentals, you are able to utilize this space to enjoy your snacks / meals that were purchased at our facility. Please ask one of our staff if you would like to use a party room.

Q: What food do you have for sale at the concession area?
A: Some food options include pizza, hotdogs, kraft dinner cups, nachos with cheese to name a few. Some snack options include goldfish, ritz crackers, rice krispie squares, welch snacks,  ice cream options, to name a few. Some drink options include: white milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, apple juice, water, slushies, and 60 flavours of fountain drinks to name a few.

Q: What do I need to play the arcade games?                                                                                     A: Simply purchase a reloadable game card from the redemption counter.


Birthday Party Questions

Q: How early can I arrive for my party?
A: We ask that you arrive no more than 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled party time to ensure that your party room is ready. If you arrive earlier, you may be asked to wait at the front reception area until the room is ready. Please note that the front reception area can become quite congested, so we ask that you respect our arrival policy.

Q: Can we stay in the facility and play after we leave the party room?
A: If you wish to stay longer in the facility, we have a stay and play option of $2.99 per child which you may purchase.

Q: Why is there a limit for adults attending a birthday party?
A: Parents frequently drop off their children for birthday parties, so they will not be included in the adult count for the party. For capacity reasons, we limit the number of free adults that are admitted into the facility with birthday parties. If this number is exceeded, a minimal fee will apply.

Q: Why can’t a youth count as an adult for a party/day play?
A: Adults are considered to be 18 years or older. All children who are under the age of 18 are considered “children” and have associated admission fees.

Q: When does the pizza come for parties/ why wasn’t I asked when I want my pizza?
A: Your pizza will arrive 30 minutes after your scheduled party time begins. If you would like your pizza to arrive at a later time, please let us know upon booking.

Q: Why is seating in the party rooms for the children not the adults?
A: All of the food included in our party packages and furniture in the party rooms is intended for the children. Adults are welcomed to sit in our bistro area or on one of our many comfortable lounge chairs. For your convenience, there will be a few extra chairs in the party room for your adult guests.

Q:  Can I request to be in a certain party room for my child’s party?
A: Room requests cannot be guaranteed. You are welcome to request any room you would like, as long as you are aware that it is solely a request. We will not know which room your party will be in, as we generally assign rooms the night before the party.

Q: Why can’t I have food delivered to Lil’ Monkeys for my party?
A: We ask that you bring in all food yourself instead of having it delivered to the facility. Deliveries congest the front reception area during a period of time that can already be quite busy. Often, it will tie up one or more of our staff who have to track down various party parents to determine who the delivery is for.

Q: Are you open to the public when I have my party? Do you have other parties taking place at the same time?
A:  We can have up to 6  birthday parties at any given time. We are also open to the public for “day play” during our scheduled party times.

Q: Do you offer private rentals for birthday parties?
A: Most of the private rentals we offer are for large, corporate groups due to the large capacity of our facility. We do now offer private parties on Monday and Wednesday evenings as well from 5pm – 8pm. Please ask to speak to Jason if you would like more information regarding a private rental.

Q: Do balloons come with my party package?
A: There is currently a worldwide helium shortage so we are unable to purchase helium from our supplier. At this time, we do not offer balloons in any of our party packages. You are able to bring in your own balloons if you wish for your child’s party.